Schneider Electric Unveils Three-Step Path Toward Sustainability and Holistic Climate Action

  • Annette Clayton, CEO & President, Schneider Electric North America, lays out sustainability journey in keynote at annual North America Innovation Summit
  • Clayton champions the most critical three-steps for companies to adopt in their evolution to achieve net-zero operations

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalTransformationSchneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today kicked off its North America Innovation Summit featuring a keynote address from Annette Clayton, CEO & President, Schneider Electric North America, outlining the vision for holistic climate action and the three-step journey organizations can take to transform their sustainability goals into tangible results for a greener future.

In remarks to Schneider Electric’s customers, partners, distributors, and suppliers, Clayton revealed the path the company has followed to become the most sustainable corporation in the world, and advised attendees to adopt the three-step process to make their own organizations more sustainable:

  • Reduce energy across the enterprise using data. A wealth of data makes the invisible visible and can be analyzed and translated into actionable intelligence for energy and operational efficiencies. Energy efficiency, according to Clayton, “is the unsung hero in the equation and is crucial when it comes to climate action.”
  • Replace one energy source for a decarbonized alternative. With electricity being the most efficient form of energy, it can serve as the best vector of decarbonization. Clayton said that replacing energy sources is not just a proposition for enterprises but that it can also happen at home where more homeowners are becoming prosumers — both producers and consumers of electricity.
  • Engage the wider value chain as part of the journey as no single company can decarbonize alone. According to a 2020 CDP study, supply chain emissions are 11.4 times higher, on average, than operational emissions. With the supply chain often being the largest part of an organization’s carbon footprint, taking a pragmatic and strategic approach with this critical stakeholder is essential as organizations won’t decarbonize themselves if they don’t decarbonize their supply chains.

Schneider Electric customer the University of Notre Dame was cited by Clayton as an entity that capitalized on its use of data to cut its energy consumption by 20 percent, while reducing operating costs at the same time. Clayton also said it is working with Walmart’s U.S. suppliers to provide access to renewable energy and aggregate power purchasing agreements to avoid one billion metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030 through its Project Gigaton effort.

“We believe zero is the hero going forward: a zero-waste, zero-emissions, and zero-carbon future is within our grasp,” said Annette Clayton, CEO & President, Schneider Electric North America. “Much of the technology and methods to get us there already exist. What we need now is a collective commitment from all to take the next step, whether it is their first, second, or hundredth on the path toward sustainability.”

In addition to outlining its vision for companies to make substantial inroads against their sustainability goals, the company announced:

Expanding North American Manufacturing Presence to Ensure a More Resilient Supply Chain

Plans to build and equip three new manufacturing plants in North America and hire more than 1,000 new employees to increase production and speed the delivery of electrical products to customers in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. Supply chain investments in 2021 and 2020 equate to about $100 million.

Sustainable Solutions of the Future Drive Positive Impact on Global Climate Change

New software and hardware releases and enhancements to support the future of sustainable commercial buildings, homes, supply chains, utilities, power grids, and more, including:

  • EcoStruxure Automation Expert v21.2 software-centric industrial automat system featuring seamless connection capabilities that help future-proof water and wastewater plant operations, and complete lifecycle management, seamless integration of IT/OT services and improved system diagnostics which ultimately safeguard fresh water and support sustainability;
  • Lexium MC12 Multi Carrier for transporting, grouping, and positioning products within industrial operations, the new multi carrier combined with digital twin technology provides the much-needed machine flexibility to adjust manufacturing and production processes faster, and enables a quicker installation and commission, higher savings on investment costs and 20 percent savings on footprint;
  • APC Smart-UPS Ultra single-phase uninterruptible power supply addressing hybrid IT infrastructure challenges and delivering more power in less space. Equipped with Lithium-ion batteries, it’s the lighted single-phase 5kW UPS on the market, and features enhanced connectivity for remote monitoring, managing, and services to optimize performance and visibility.;
  • Square D Energy Center home energy system that provides unprecedented resiliency and insight capabilities into residential energy use. This new solution allows homeowners the control to switch between power sources – utility, battery, solar, or generators – in real-time with a single application, enabling resilient and sustainable homes that can keep the power on in the face of blackouts, power surges or grid failures.;
  • SureSeT medium voltage metal-clad switchgear that meets customers’ demands for space optimization and operational efficiency. The new SureSeT offers best-in-class breaker technology with a compact design, integrated automation and monitoring, unique connected features and innovative capabilities empower customers to do more with less.;
  • FlexSeT low voltage switchboard providing unprecedented digital integrations and an innovative service model for switchboard sourcing, installation, and maintenance. FlexSeT is the industry’s first switchboard to utilize UL’s Extended Manufacturing Assemblers Process standards for quality assurance and flexible assembly options;
  • PowerPacT award-winning next generation molded case circuit breakers delivering performance, productivity, and connectivity in one. Now equipped with the Visi-Trip LED breaker locator, it is the industry’s only LED locator in a molded case circuit breaker.

New Global Pharmaceutical Supplier Program to Advance Climate Action

Schneider Electric is partnering with Carnstone, an independent management consultancy specializing in corporate responsibility and sustainability, on a new global program—Energize—to increase access to renewable energy for pharmaceutical suppliers. The Energize program is a first-of-its-kind effort to leverage the scale of a single industry’s global supply chain in a pre-competitive fashion to drive system-level change. Corporate program members include AstraZeneca, Biogen, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Takeda.

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