Seadrill Agrees with Stakeholders to reduce liabilities by circa $5 billion

Seadrill Limited announced that the Company has entered into a plan support agreement (the “PSA”) with certain of the Company’s senior secured lenders holding approximately 57.8% of the Company’s senior secured loans (the “Consenting Lenders”) as well as a backstop commitment letter entered into with certain of the Consenting Lenders. The agreements contemplate a plan of reorganization (the “Plan”) that will raise $350 million in new financing and reduce the Company’s liabilities by over $4.9 billion.

The Plan provides a clear pathway for Seadrill to restructure its balance sheet with the support of the majority of its senior secured lenders. Certain of the Consenting Lenders have also agreed to backstop a first lien exit facility totaling $300 million. The lenders participating in (and backstopping) the new-money facility will collectively receive 16.75% of new equity in the newly constituted Seadrill, subject to dilution. Under the Plan, the senior secured lenders will also exchange $5.6 billion of existing debt for $750 million of second-lien, takeback debt and 83% of the new equity, subject to dilution. Hemen Holding Ltd., currently the Company’s largest shareholder, has also committed to fund a $50 million new-money unsecured bond to be issued under the Plan, which is convertible into 5% of the new equity under specified circumstances.

Specified trade claims will be paid in full in cash and other general unsecured claims will receive their pro rata share of $250,000 in cash. Existing shareholders will receive 0.25% of the new equity, subject to dilution, if all voting classes of creditors accept the Plan, and otherwise will not receive any recovery. Consummation of the Plan is subject to a number of customary terms and conditions, including court approval.

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