TechnipFMC retains a stake of 31% of the share capital of Technip Energies

TechnipFMC announces the sale of 25 million Technip Energies shares (the “Shares”), representing ca. 14% of Technip Energies’ share capital, through a private placement by way of an accelerated bookbuild offering (the “Placement”). The sale price of the Shares in the Placement is set at €11.10 per Share, yielding total gross proceeds of €277.5 million.

Concurrently with the Placement, Technip Energies will purchase from TechnipFMC ca. 1.8 million shares (equivalent to 1% of share capital) at €11.10 per share, corresponding to the price of the Placement (the “Concurrent Sale to Technip Energies”). This purchase is separate from the Placement.

Upon completion of the Placement and the Concurrent Sale to Technip Energies, TechnipFMC retains a direct stake of ca. 31% of Technip Energies’ share capital.

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