TopQuadrant Releases TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance 7.1

Enterprise knowledge graph infrastructure for data governance delivers major visualization updates and much more

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TopQuadrant™, a provider of data governance solutions using knowledge graph technologies, today announces the immediate availability of TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) 7.1. The latest release offers enhanced visualization capabilities, new Sharepoint integrations and improved performance.

TopBraid EDG is a knowledge graph based enterprise data governance solution. TopBraid EDG collects metadata from all data integration environments, creating a knowledge graph that provides the visibility, control and intelligence needed to manage change, build connections across silos, reduce errors and ensure data consistency.

“Enterprises, particularly in healthcare, life sciences, financial services and manufacturing, need to model and govern data with increasing sophistication,” said Amar Doshi, President of TopQuadrant. “TopBraid EDG 7.1 further enables organizations to build a data fabric powered by semantic knowledge graphs to truly break down data silos and sharpen their competitive edge.”

The highlight of TopBraid 7.1 is a new visualization component designed to significantly enhance users ability to review models, understand data and collaborate with colleagues. It is delivered as a new “EDG Diagram” panel that:

  • Combines display of the model elements (e.g., classes) with the display of data
  • Offers fully configurable selection of content to include in the diagram
  • Includes ability to modify and configure layout and display options
  • Supports saving and sharing named diagrams i.e., diagrams as “first class citizen”

This release also includes new integrations as well as several usability, functional and non-functional improvements. To learn more and view a comprehensive list of capabilities for TopBraid Release 7.1, see the TopBraid 7.1 Release Notes.

About TopQuadrant

TopQuadrant helps organizations succeed in data governance with TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG). EDG is built on standards-based knowledge graph technology to seamlessly bring together enterprise information silos, connect enterprise metadata, ensure its quality and deliver easy and meaningful access to all data stakeholders. TopBraid EDG lets enterprises govern all relevant assets including business terms, reference data, enterprise metadata, data and application catalogs, data lineage, data exchanges and pipelines, requirements, policies and processes. TopBraid EDG is the only solution built to support integrated governance across all types of assets and governance needs while, at the same time, offering a staged approach to data governance. TopQuadrant’s customer list includes organizations in financial services, pharma, healthcare, digital media, government and other sectors.


Kristi Lee-John