TotalEnergies expands the charging network in Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam has awarded the concession for the expansion of its public charging network for electric vehicles (EV) to TotalEnergies. As part of this new concession, TotalEnergies will expand Amsterdam’s current network with 2,200 new EV charging points, to be installed by fall 2022.

The installation of 1,100 chargers, each equipped with two charging points, will give a boost to the Clean Air Action Plan of the Municipality of Amsterdam, which aims to realize completely emission-free transport by 2030. One of the main challenges of this ambition is to facilitate enough charging points to support the strong growth of electric vehicles.

Amsterdam has selected TotalEnergies, through its subsidiary TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland, as a key partner to realize this increase in scale. TotalEnergies focuses on a hassle-free and transparent customer experience for the e-driver, while guaranteeing both the availability and the quality of the charging service.

For the first time in Amsterdam, Total Energies will make large-scale use of clustering of chargers and the expansion of the charging network will be partly based on requests from e-drivers. In addition, a data-driven approach will be used, in which the load on the current charging network is monitored to determine optimal locations. When charging demand on the current charging network will become high, chargers will be proactively added. In this way TotalEnergies ensures that there will always be enough charging points to meet the demand. To further shape the required scaling-up and the growing demand for charging, as many clusters of chargers as necessary will also be installed in Amsterdam.

This policy of the municipality of Amsterdam, supported by TotalEnergies, is a striking example of joint efforts towards more sustainable and emission-free mobility, delivering affordable energy that is increasingly reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

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