Toyota China and Haima Automobile enter into a strategic partnership

Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Carry out strategic cooperation in the field of battery vehicle (hereinafter referred to as FCEV) research and development and industrialization. Tatsuro Ueda, chairman of Toyota China, and Jing Zhu, chairman of Haima Automobile, attended the signing ceremony.According to the content of the agreement, the two parties will equip Haima brand models with mature components and systems including the electric stack used by Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle MIRAI. This is the first time that Toyota has supplied a hydrogen fuel cell system to a Chinese passenger car manufacturer. The models equipped with this system are planned to be put into demonstration operation in Hainan Island within this year, and the scale will be gradually expanded. Based on the principle of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, the two parties will jointly promote the promotion and application of FCEV in a broader market in China, relying on the location and policy advantages of Hainan Island.

Since Toyota began to provide hydrogen fuel cell components to Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturers in April 2019, it has gradually improved the whole process system of China’s special hydrogen fuel cell system from development, production to market launch and service, and has provided a number of commercial vehicle related Enterprises supply products, and the circle of friends continues to expand. In the future, Toyota will continue to work with Chinese partners to promote the further development of China’s hydrogen energy society, accelerate the commercialization and popularization of hydrogen fuel cell technology in China, work together with like-minded partners to build China’s hydrogen energy society, and contribute to China’s realization of carbon neutrality .

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