US-Africa Energy Forum opens in Houston, Texas

The US-Africa Energy Forum is off to a strong start at the C. Baldwin Hotel in downtown Houston, Texas. Jude Kearney (Chair of the US-Africa Committee, African Energy Chamber), Posso Ganame (President, Texas West African Chamber of Commerce), and Sylvester Turner (Mayor, City of Houston) opened the conference by asserting the significance of US-Africa partnerships within the rapidly evolving energy industry.

Energy Capital & Power, TWACC, and the African Energy Chamber were jointly presented with a proclamation from Texas State House Representative, Ron Reynolds, commending efforts to build bridges of collaboration between US and African energy players. Rep. Ron Reynolds stated during his presentation, “The relationships between US and Africa energy producers are paramount for all future generations and this forum is highly valuable for building necessary collaboration.”

The US-Africa relationship is receiving new focus as corporates and global investors are beginning to recognize the potential and opportunity for collaboration, not just in the energy sector, but also in industries like technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. The global focus on Africa’s energy sector continues to grow as COP27 was recently announced to take place in Egypt next November.

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